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Custom Glass for Church Lighting,
Theater Lighting, Restoration Lighting

Greatglas makes custom glass for Church Lighting, Theater Lighting, Hall Lighting and restoration Lighting projects. Big chandeliers and pendant lighting illuminating large areas demand precision in execution and perfected manufacturing processes because of their grand size, assembly specifications, and limited accessibility. As you know, such projects are always unique and require experience, flexibility and openness from the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a custom lighting glass manufacturer, please send us an email or just call us.

Greatglas built an impressive portfolio of custom lighting glass projects executed either in large quantities or one of a kind. Our glasswork illuminates the halls of churches, corporate headquarters, condominium building, universities.

We execute precision tolerances and your lighting glass can be made from 1/2" to 14" OD (Outer Diameter) and up to 120" OAL (Overall Length). We can precision machine the glass parts and sandblast the surfaces. Glass columns can be also sand blasted (frosted) outside or inside.

Custom Lighting Projects

Below you can see some of our Church Lighting and Custom Design Lighting projects.

The first 2 photos show the chandelier for the church in Wallis. Greatglas produced the glass parts for the chandelier: custom made pyrex glass cylinders, sandblasted on the inside.

Church Lighting chandelier by Greatglas Church chandelier at Wallis by Greatglas

The next 2 photos show the chandeliers for the Yale University library.
Greatglas took care of all glass parts for these enormous chandeliers. Also made from pyrex glass cylinders and sandblasted.

Chandelier at Yale University by Greatglas Yale University library chandelier by Greatglas

The 2 photographs below show a custom design big chandelier made from multiple glass rods.
Greatglas created the glass parts for this one-of-a-kind chandelier. On the first photo you can see it without some rods in place because the photo was taken during the assembly. The second photo shows the final look. Great design!

Theater chandelier made from glass rods. Glass parts by Greatglas Glass rod designer chandelier. Glass rods by Greatglas

Acolyte Lights Glass, Glass Candle Holders, Glass Chimney.

Greatglas produces Custom glass holders for acolyte lights and candle holders and also custom glass chimneys. All lighting glass parts for such projects are manufactured from heat resistant pyrex glass.

The photos below showcase some of our work.

Acolyte candle glass holder by Greatglas Glass holder for acolyte candle by Greatglas
Church Lighting Acolyte Candle Glass Holder by Greatglas Acolyte Candles, Long Island, NY by Greatglas

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