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Custom glassware props for movies

Over the years Greatglas created a number of glassware props for movies and TV series. We were able to make snapshots of only some of the props we had made for the respective production companies and major studios. Sometimes you see our props in the background only, sometimes they take center stage, just like that enourmous glowing carboy from "CSI" you see on the left.

By definition, such projects are unique and the props were made per customers' requirements. Working with the movies and TV production companies is also unique because often we get only a verbal description or a sketch of the glassware prop.

That's okay, we understand the nature of the movie industry and we also know how to create custom glassware from a "back of the envelope" sketch.

Call us, email us, let us know what you need and our engineering experts will take it from there. We will deliver the custom glassware or custom lighting glass for your movie.

Rush service is available.

Every movie or TV series' episode is one of a kind and so are the props you might be looking for. Below you will find a list of possible glassware props and some pictures to get your imagination going but better yet - please give us a call to discuss your props needs and ideas. We are looking forward to talking to you!

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Some glassware for movies ideas:

  • Any laboratory glassware:
      - beakers, jars, bell jars, erlenmeyer mugs to outfit your lab in the movie;
  • Glassware for historical movies:
      - antique laboratory equipment, antique glassware, bottles, jars;
  • Glassware for sci-fi movies:
      - futuristic looking glassware, apparati, machinery;
  • Very large, oversized glass vessels, jars, carboy, tubes;
  • Glass for antique or unique lighting fixtures, gas lights;

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glassware props for movies

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