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Furnace Tube

Lindberg® Furnace Tubes
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Furnace Tube Manufacturing

Greatglas manufactures various kinds of furnace tube from different materials and according to our customers' specifications. We also carry a line of process tubes for the popular Lindberg® and Blue M® furnaces Lindberg® Furnace Tubes

Customized Furnace Tubes

We will accommodate a large range of OD sizes and lengths and provide custom configurations, as well. We can
  • add flanges,
  • ground quartz joints and
  • round bottom an end of a tube.
Ends of the furnace tube can be left
  • rough cut,
  • ground or
  • fire polished.

Furnace tube materials

We manufacture furnace tubes from the following materials:
  • Pyrex furnace tubes (Borosilicate Glass)
  • Quartz furnace tubes (GE quartz, fused silica)
  • high heat ceramics

You can see the selection of the most popular furnace tube sizes in the corresponding material section or, better yet, you can save time and contact us by phone or via the web and describe your requirements and dimensions for the tube.

Just click the link below and we'll be happy to assist you!

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Lindberg® and Blue M® are registered trademarks of TPS, LLC. Greatglas is an unaffiliated and unauthorized manufacturer of process tubes for use in Lindberg and Blue M furnaces. The use of the Lindberg and Blue M names, trademarks, part numbers and furnace model numbers are for identification and compatibility purposes only.
All process tubes advertised are manufactured by Greatglas.

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