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Glass Cylinder For Coffee Roasters

Greatglas has manufactured Pyrex and Quartz glass cylinders for the coffee roasting industry and to individual roasters for years. Our glass cylinders are manufactured from Borosilicate/Pyrex glass tubing and from fused quartz tubing. Both of these types of glass can withstand the temperatures related to the roasting process.

Each glass cylinders has been manufactured to have both open ends ground smooth, lightly flame polished, and oven annealed. These glass drums are sturdy , are quite clear, and will withstand years of production use in the roasting process.

We can manufacture custom lengths of glass and we have over 150 outside dimensions within our inventory.

Our glass inventory extends from 1/8" OD to 18"OD in borosilicate glass.
Our quartz glass inventory extends from 2" OD to 6" OD

Below you can find a small price list of some of our coffee roasting glass cylinders:

OD= Outside dimension in inches
OAL= Overall Length in inches

Glass Cylinders For Coffee Roasting (partial listing):

Part #
Wall Thickness
PCY-5"x5" 5"
PCY-5.90"x6" 5.90"
PCY-6.50"x6" 6.50"
PCY-7.87"x6" 7.87"

We usually ship out your order within 2-3 business days of our receiving your order.

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