Custom Hurricane Lamps, Glass Chimneys

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Hurricane lamps by Greatglas

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Hurricane Lamps
by Lisa L.01/09/2013

They are very handsome!

Received the hurricane lamps' shades. They are very handsome. Thanks again for your help and care!
5 stars!

Hurricane lamps by Greatglas

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Custom and Restored Hurricane Lamps

Antique or unique, artisan hurricane lamps pass from generation to generation as a family heirloom. They are beautiful, they are valuable and often times imbued with familial memories and stories. After decades and centuries of faithhful service these unique lamps now require extra TLC and sometimes -- restoration.

The glass chimneys are the most vulnerable parts of those lamps. In most old lamps, chimneys and shades were made from regular glass that shatters easily.

We make custom hurricane lamps and restore old, unique lamps as well. For some customer projects we made working replicas of antique lamps, replacing their glass shades and chimneys with much safer impervious Pyrex glass.

If you would like to restore a unique hurricane lamp, a chandelier, or any other lighting fixture, or create a new custom lamp, we would be more than happy to help you. Contact us at the link below:

Order Glassware Custom Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane Lamps, Glass Lamp Chimneys

We make lovely French design Safe Hurricane lamps that even a high wind can not blow out. The Pyrex glass chimneys are designed to not heat up with the candle burning, as the hole in the top allows free breathing of the candle.

The lamps come of 8", 10" and 12" high. Custom sizes can be made to your specifications.

All hurricane lamps are hand made in the shop by our experienced craftsmen.

Hurricane Lamps, Glass Chimneys available

Overall Height
HL8 4.5"
HL10 4.5"
HL12 4.5"

Order Glassware Order Hurricane Lamps

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