Marine Sight Glass

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Marine Sight Glass
On the photo: 66 inch long marine sight glass
heavy wall w. redline made for Deepseas Discoverer.

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Marine sight glass by Greatglas

Schooner Mystic marine sight glass

Greatglas produced several long liquid level sight glasses
for the Mystic, a charter 3-mast schooner in Mystic, CT.

Marine Sight Glass

Greatglas offers tubular sight glasses to the Marine industry for different applications, such as
  • steam sight glass,
  • water or liquid level sight glass,
  • oil sight glass, and
  • fuel sight glass
for visual indication and measurement.

The marine sight glass are made from Pyrex borosilicate glass which is high temperature tolerant and corrosion resistant glass.

Possibly the best part of our Marine Sight Glass production is that we will make your sight glass to fit your requirements.

Better yet, we can ship your replacement sight glass the same day, if needed.

Important: We REGULARLY ship marine sight glass to ship yards all over the world, so you don't have to be sitting idle in a foreign port waiting for spare parts to come.

Order Marine Sight Glass Order Marine Sight Glass

Special Marine Sight Glass

We realize that sight glass for marine industry have quite often unique dimensions and configuration and accommodate you we will manufacture your sight glass according to your specifications.

Marine sight glass have sometimes greater dimensions than other types of sight glass. No problem, we manufacture extra long sight glass.

Do you need redline on your sight glass? Yes, we can put redline on your marine sight glasses too.

For example, we make 10 foot marine sight glass quite frequently. 20 feet sight glass has been our record, so far.

Our shipping charges? For 6 foot sight glass(es) the box charge is only $20.
The box will normally hold multiple sight glasses.
We REGULARLY ship sight glasses all over the world.

Order Marine Sight Glass Order Marine Sight Glass

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