Patio Heater Tube Replacement

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patio heater tube replacement

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Patio Heater Tube Replacement: Pyrex and Quartz

Greatglas offers a full line of replacement glass tubes for Patio Heaters.

You know the common problems with the cheap, run-of-the-mill patio heater tubes:
some tubes are made from regular glass and they break completely or crack badly.

A bit more expensive pyrex glass tubes chip the ends easily, eventually sending cracks along the tube.

To ensure you don't have those problems anymore when using our tubes:
- Greatglas makes them from heat-resistant Pyrex/borosilicate glass or quartz, so the replacement tubes withstand greater temperature differences with NO cracking;
- The same Pyrex and Quartz material are much stronger and are much more difficult to break;
- Greatglas makes ground and fire polished ends to prevent chipping of those ends.

We can ship within 1 to 2 business days of your order.

Pyrex/Borosilicate Tubes for Patio Heaters

Outside Dimension
Wall Thickness
Price (each)
3 1/2" 1/8"
3 1/2" 1/8"
3 1/2" 1/8"
4" 1/8"
4" 1/8"

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Quartz Tubes for Patio Heaters

Order Glassware Please call for Quartz Tubes dimensions and prices

We can ship within 1 to 2 business days of your order.
Also, if you need a tube of dimensions not listed here, we can make the replacement tube to your specification. Please call for a consultation and a quote.
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