Pyrex Glass drilling, cutting, grinding

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Pyrex Glass Drilling

Greatglas uses diamond core drills to drill precise holes in flat and cylindrical glass from 0.10" to 1.00" diameter. These holes can be fire polished after they are drilled for added smoothness.

We also can make holes in cylindrical glass under heat with graphite punches from 0.10" to 2.00" diameter.

Pyrex Glass Cutting

Using precision diamond water cooled saws, we can wet cut glass cylinders and flat glass leaving a smooth square surface.

Pyrex cylinder grinding and beveling

Greatglas can grind the open ends of Pyrex glass cylinders to a length tolerance of +/- 0.005".
We can grind cylinders up to 24" diameter, 1"thick glass and up to 50" over all length.

On glass cylinders, both ends would be ground square and in parallel.
We can bevel both edges of a glass cylinders according to a customers specifications such as 0.032" x 45 degrees.

Pyrex cylinders fire polished ends

Greatglas can fire polish the ends of ground cylinders to give them added smoothness and roundness for glass that goes into metal fittings.

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