Replacement Lighting Glass, Pyrex

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lighting design chandelier at wallis by Greatglas

Replacement Glass For Lighting Fixtures

Greatglas makes replacement glass and pyrex parts for various unique lighting fixtures.

Some lighting projects require replacement of glass parts that were broken long time ago, some require careful restoration, and some -- replacement of glass parts with pyrex (borosilicate glass).

For customers that come for restoration of their glass lighting fixtures we are happy to provide our undivided attention and expert engineering assistance.

Our minimum project size is currently $40. If restoration of your lighting fixture makes sense at this price, please contact us by clicking the link below. The call is FREE.

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Replacement glass cylinder for hanging lights

Replacement Glass For Antique and Discontinued Lights

Frequently lighting parts previously made from regular glass should now be replaced with identical parts made from Pyrex. This is because older lighting fixtures used to work with smaller energy sources, like smaller bulbs, and under different safety regulations.

Pyrex replacement of glass lighting parts look identical, have the same optical qualities and can withstand higher temperatures.

We can make replacement lighting glass according to your unique needs, it can be extra long or extra thick: Outer Diameter (OD) from 1/2" to 14" and overall length (OAL) up to 120". We can provide additional texture to it by sand blasting (frosting) the glass outside or inside.

Image on the left shows another glass part replacement project: a pendant light shade. The originals were broken and unfortunately the line was discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement glass shade is a pyrex (borosilicate glass) cylinder, flame polished ends, precision sandblasting inside the cylinder and drilled holes for the pendant hardware.

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Pyrex Glass for Gas Lighting

Greatglas makes glass lighting parts for gas lighting fixtures.

Whether it is a project that requires restoration of an old gas lighting system or a brand new instalation, Greatglas makes pyrex glass parts for the lighting fixtures.

Pyrex can withstand high temperatures produced by burning gas and, therefore, is a natural choice for gas lighting fixtures.

Whether you are an architect, a city official, or a lighting designer working with gas lighting, please call us for a FREE consultation regarding unique challenges and needs of your gas lighting project.

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