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The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is reportedly the most fine-tuned GT-class car today...
It is equipped with 3.8L V8 Twin-Turbo engine and several sight glasses by Greatglas.
P-51 Mustang, a famous World War II fighter plane...
Greatglas created sight glass for the restoration of the P-51 Mustang by great folks at Air Corps Salvation.
This antique steam engine was beautifully restored by Tim P...
Greatglas created the replacement pyrex sight glass for this antique engine.
Antique Red Ford pickup with Greatglas' sight glass
L-2A Taylorcraft airplane built during WWII around 1942...
Greatglas created custom sight glass for the L-2A restoration shown here.
McCord oiler with sight glass custom made by Greatglas.
Restored 1929 Pietenpol Air Camper...
Greatglas made custom sight glass tubing for Stearman type fuel sight gauge for it.
Greatglas made a sight glass for the Hatz biplane restoration
Another custom sight glass made for this 1929 Alliance Argo restoration
1929 Alliance Argo restored.

Sight Glass: Tubular and Flat

We manufacture both tubular and flat sight glasses of borosilicate glass (pyrex) and quartz.
This includes heavy wall glass tubing for pressure / vacuum and lubrication applications, like oil sight glass or a boiler sight glass.

Many sizes and diameters of sight glasses are available with redline and heavy wall variations.

Both ends of the sight glass are ground square. Pipe sight glass with pipe flanges is also available.

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Sight Glass Specials

Overall Length
2 ¼"
2 ¼"
2 ¼"
2 ¼"
2 ¼"
2 ¼"
2 ¼"

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Extra Long Sight Glass Pyrex (custom length)

Greatglas specializes in manufacturing extra long sight glass made from
borosilicate glass for the oil, beverage, food, and agricultural industries.

Please Note: we temporarily accept orders for sight glasses of up to 12 feet long.

We normally have a nominal box charge for our sight glasses of $20 for the 6' sight glasses up to
$100 for a 20' sight glass.
The box will normally hold multiple sight glasses.
We ship sight glasses all over the world.


Lengths:    24" 36" 48" 60" 72" 84" 96" 120"
Outside Dimension Wall Thickness
1/2" 0.100"
5/8" 0.100"
3/4" 0.100"
1" 0.100"
1 1/4" 0.100"
1 1/2" 0.100"
1 3/4" 0.100"
2" 0.125"

Get Extra Long Sight Glass

If you need custom length sight glasses that are shorter or longer
than these mentioned above, we can manufacture them for you.
If you need intermediate outside dimensioned or heavy walled sight glass,
we have many sizes in stock or can manufacture them according to your specifications.

Conbraco, Noris, Tomco Sight Glass (various models)

Owners of Conbraco, Noris and Tomco equipment looking for replacement sight glass can order the replacements here and even get rush service delivery, if needed.

Numerous sight glass models are in stock and our customers can quickly find what they want. If you are looking for replacement of Conbraco, Noris, Tomco sight glass please click the link below.

Get Sight Glass for Conbraco, Noris, Tomco

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Need replacement sight glass immediately?
You will appreciate the RUSH service that we provide so we can ship the sight glass to you on the same day if required.

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Some of our sight glass customers

Greatglas manufactures custom sight glasses for engine coolant and oil lubrication lines. We have worked with engine research specialists as well as engine restorers of antique cars. Some of the customers that have used Greatglas' engine sight glasses include:

  • McLaren Automotive
  • Cummins Engine
  • Detroit Diesel
  • General Motors
  • A Bonneville Flats 3 liter racer
  • Stanley Steamer restorer
  • A 1914 Buick restoration

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