Sight Glass For Distilleries

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distillery sight glass
On the photo: DUSA Distillery, Venezuela
Now running with sight glass by Greatglas.

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Sight Glass For Distilleries
by John M.11/18/2016

American Pride On Display!

They arrived in today's mail. No damage incurred at all and both sight tubes were well protected. I just got done installing one of them and it is a perfect fit! We are very pleased with our purchase!

Please know that from today forward, your sight glass will be an instrumental piece of our distillation equipment! American pride on display! Thank you for taking the time to pack them up with great care, very appreciated!

5 stars!

Sight Glass For Distilleries

Greatglas manufactures sight glass for various distillation equipment. We produce sight glass largely from specialty glass, such as borosilicate glass, or pyrex, schott, simax, schott etc. The sight glass made from these specialty glass types are able to withstand high pressure, high temperatures, and chemical reagents.

We offer sight glass and other glass replacement parts of various distillation equipment custom made to your spec. Greatglas is one of the few distillery sight glass manufacturers able to produce consistent quantities of large diameter heavywalled sight glass that's capable to withstand high pressure.

We understand the importance and the timely nature of any equipment replacement and so we can ship your replacement sight glass the same day, if needed.

Major distilleries, such as Maker's Mark, DUSA, Koloa Rum, Bacardi etc. have ordered sight glass replacements from us and were happy with the parts they have received from us.

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