Zymark Turbovap Glassware Replacement

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Zymark Turbovap 500 Cells

Zymark Turbovap 500 Cell, Cap, and a Tube.
Zymark Turbovap 500 Concentration Tubes
Zymark Turbovap 500 Concentration Tubes.


Zymark Turbovap 500 Replacement Glass: Cells, Calipers, Tubes

Greatglas offers replacement glass parts for the Zymark Turbovap series including calipers, concentration tubes, cells and other glassware.

We have made these O.E.M. parts for 25+ years.

Zymark Turbovap 500 ml cells

  • cap only - $90.00 ea
  • cell only - $319.00 ea
  • sample tube - $121.00 ea
  • 500 ml cell complete - $500.00 ea
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Zymark Turbovap 500 Tubes

Zymark Turbovap 500 replacement concentration tubes with calibrated end points:

  • 50  ml with a 0.5 ml end point: $180.00 pack of 6
  • 200 ml with a 0.5 ml end point: $201.00 pack of 6
  • 200 ml with a 1.0 ml end point: $201.00 pack of 6


We also repair minor damages to the Turbovap cells and replace tips on the concentration tubes.

Concentration Tubes
by Mary Anne07/08/2015

Nice doing business with you!

We received the concentrator tubes this morning. All four are in good condition. Thank you so much for facilitating on our request. It's really of great help to us. Thank you for appreciating our country [Philippines]. It's nice doing business with you. God bless you..
Best Regards, Mary Anne
5 stars!
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